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NFT Labs Sologenic NFT Marketplace White Listing

NFT Labs is thrilled to announce that our NFT project has been chosen among 150 XRPL NFT projects to be white-listed to use the Sologenic NFT Marketplace for early minting. Sologenic has been the leader in providing utility to users of XRPL for quite a few years within the XRP ledger ecosystem. Nothing makes us happier to be able to support their NFT marketplace created for the XRP community.

Minting a collection at Sologenic NFT Marketplace will allow us to gain a multitude of benefits. Including being pioneers among giants in the XRP ledger ecosystem. Sologenic has been the popular hub for all things XRP for a few years now and we’re ready to benefit from the network effect that utilizing the market might bring. Minting our first NFT collection at Sologenic NFT Marketplace will also allow the collection to be searchable within the NFT marketplace.

The NFT collection that NFT Labs will be minting will be disclosed on January 27th, 2022. Upon the public release of the Sologenic NFT Marketplace. Users who wish to mint from our first collection will have to pay 3 SOLO per NFT. NFT Labs will be minting a collection of 10,000 NFT’s using XLS-14 and Sologenic proprietary standards. The NFT’s collection will be instantly upgraded to XLS-20d once it’s released on XRP ledger main net. The old NFT on XLS-14 will be burned once the NFT is upgraded to the new standard and all buying and selling history is kept during the upgrade. We will disclose further details about the minting process once they’re available.

We look forward to seeing our first NFT collection listed on such a reputable marketplace as Sologenic. Our team believes this is a great opportunity for our XRPL project to gain some exposure and legitimacy on a sea of scam projects this will set us apart. The network effect from being first in such a historic platform on XRP ledger. Our project strives to disrupt the XRP ledger NFT landscape through collaboration and not competition.

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