Deep in the digital plains of the Metaverse lies a herd of 10,000 fierce XLLAMAS. They represent the triumph of the XLLAMAS other llama races with different personalities that boast style with every stride. These fresh-looking XLLAMAS have been exploring the rolling hills of the digital landscape in search of good vibes and want no trouble so they say.


Llamapalooza is a collection of hand-drawn llamas procedurally generated collectible NFTs! Each Llama is unique and created from over 200 possible attributes, including fur color, headgear, clothing, accessories, backgrounds, and more. All Llamas are unique and one of kind, but some are far rarer than others. They got the swag, the funk, the jazz, with each llama more fierce and brave than the next. This exquisite herd has only the finest of llamas with the fluffiest fur and the sickest drip! These are the LLAMAPALOOZA.


XLLAMAS were fairly distributed among Fractal utility token holders. There are no bonding curves or unfair distribution schemes in the distribution of the XLLAMAS token. The only way in obtaining a LLAMAPALOOZA NFT collectible will be by holding NFTLabs utility NFT token Fractal. Fractal holders will be airdropped XLLAMAS NFT token at a 1:1 ratio via snapshot at a date announced in the future. You will receive the same balance in XLLAMAS as you hold in Fractal token.

Minting & Storage

The LLAMAPALOOZA NFT’s will be using XRPL NFT standard XLS-20d token. XLS-20d is currently waiting to be approved by XRP validators to be implemented on the XRP ledger. The NFT’s files will be hosted on industry-standard IPFS storage. IPFS is the latest protocol standard in distributed NFT storage regardless of which blockchain platform you’re using.

How can I adopt an XLLAMAS?

You may currently adopt your XLLAMAS by holding the Fractal utility token and participating in the XLLAMAS token airdrop or you may purchase $XLLAMAS token on XRP ledger Decentralize Exchange once it is released. Currently, there are no sell orders for $XLLAMAS tokens as the supply has not been airdropped to Fractal holders. If you hold Fractal utility token you may set your XRP trust lines for $XLLAMAS in anticipation of the $XLLAMAS snapshot happening soon. Once $XLLAMAS becomes available on the XRP ledger Dex you may trade it using popular XRP trading exchanges such as Sologenic.org , Xumm Wallet, and xrptoolkit.com.