Ripple Sharks

WHAT IS Ripple Sharks

Ripple Sharks is a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles living on the Ripple Reefs of the XRP ledger created by NFT Labs. Owning a Ripple Shark grants access to the NFT Labs ecosystem.


The Ripple Sharks NFT collection contains over 300 attributes making it one of the highest attribute count collection on XRPL. You can be sure that you will not see the same NFT repeated twice and instead will see high complexity between all our NFT pieces.


Ripple Sharks will be airdropped to the holders of our genesis NFT token Fractal. You will be receiving the same amount of Ripple Sharks that you hold in Fractal. Example if you hold 10 Fractal you will be receiving 10 Ripple Sharks. The ratio for distribution is 1:1 and it will be distributed using a snapshot of Fractal proceeded by airdrop to Fractal holders on XRPL.


Ripple Sharks will be minting once XLS-20 is implemented on the XRP ledger. These sharks will be ready to hit the Ripple Reefs as soon validators finish voting on the NFT standard.

How can I buy a Ripple Shark?

Currently, the only way of acquiring a Ripple Sharks is by holding NFT Labs utility token Fractal or by purchasing it from the XRP ledger Decentralized exchange through a trading interface such as XUMM,