Trippy Apes Club

Introducing Trippy Apes Club NFT

Trippy Apes Club is NFT Labs second NFT collection inspired by the popular Apes NFT made famous by The Bored Apes Yacht Club. TAC was created as a fun way to reward holders of the Fractal utility tokens on XRP ledger. Everyone can relate to a Trippy Ape at some point!

Trippy Apes Club Attributes

TAC contains over 200 attributes making it one of the highest attributes counts NFT collection giving for complexity while generating trait rarity. This allows TAC NFT’s to all be different styling and not look the same. Trippy Apes Club attributes and main artwork were initially hand drawn then we used an algorithm to build the art pieces together achieving maximum complexity on the traits. You may see but are not limited to RayBan Glasses, Wizard robe, Nose Ring, Dreads, Super Saiyan, Gohan hair among many other NFT traits.

Why did we create TAC?

It was created to celebrate the dominance of the XRP ledger as the standard for all blockchain payment systems. Stay XRP Trippy with unique Apes NFT’s that serve as a time capsule for your participation on the XRP ledger and prove that you were part of the XRP culture at its peak.

TAC Distribution

Trippy Apes Club will be airdropped to our utility NFT token Fractal via snapshot in a 1:1 distribution ratio to be disclosed at a future date. The only way you may be able to receive TAC is by holding Fractal or buying it on the open market such as Sologenic from Fractal holders. There will be no airdrop to XRP trustlines without Fractal.


Trippy Apes Club will be able to be minting once support for XLS-20d is available on the XRP ledger. Allowing every XRP user to proudly showcase their Apes to the metaverse world. The proposed XLS-20d standard by XRP main engineer is currently in testnet with no proposed released date as to when it will be voted by XRP validators to be made live on the XRP ledger.

How can I buy Trippy Apes Club?

Trippy Apes Club currently trades under the $TAC ticker on XRP ledger Dex. Currently, there are no sell orders for TAC tokens as the supply has not been released to Fractal holders. If you hold Fractal you may set your XRP trust lines for TAC in anticipation of the TAC airdrop happening soon. Once TAC becomes available on the XRP ledger Dex you may trade it using popular XRP trading exchanges such as , Xumm Wallet, and You may also check this detailed article on how to purchase tokens on XRP ledger Dex.