Announced by NFT LABS in November 2021, XRPL.TO plans to quickly grow to become the most trusted source by XRP enthusiasts.
The first publicly announced XRP token website. Its mission is to make the XRP ledger discoverable and efficient globally by empowering XRP enthusiasts with unbiased, high quality, and accurate information for making informed conclusions based on reliable XRPL data.

Information Hub

XRPL.TO service will display all tokens on the XRPL and their detailed statistics such as price tracking, selling volume, and our algorithm which will detect selling from the founder’s wallets on the DEX and will display a graph with wallets doing the most selling on the XRPL DEX. We plan to become the center for all information on XRPL by providing useful analytical tools for our community to detect scams early.

App Utility

Our app will not only display all information on the XRP ledger but you will also be able to interact with the tokens. Features such as easy to use trading via swapping mechanism. Similar to Uniswap will be implemented in the near future. XRP users will be able to seamlessly trade between their favorite assets on the XRPL with a click of a button. Need to set up a trustline or create a token on the XRPL? Our app will have the tools to allow you to take control of the XRPL fully.

API Access

All information that is currently on the XRPL.TO service will be publicly available to everyone by API access. Everyone is welcome to use our API to make unlimited API calls to our service to retrieve data directly from XRPL since we currently run our own Rippled server and validator. You can trust that the data is updated and comes directly from the XRP ledger.


XRPL.TO aims to provide the highest quality service to our users and bring transparency to the XRP ledger. Please check out the app at https://xrpl.to and join our Discord where you may provide us feedback to improve the user experience. We’re always looking for suggestions on how to improve our creations. We hope that you have learned about our upcoming service XRPL.TO that we’re currently building for the XRPL community.