Building the greatest NFT digital economy on the XPRL.

At XRPNFT, we’re excited to announce our up-and-coming NFT marketplace running on XRPL. Our marketplace is built to serve the XRPL NFT community by providing a gateway where XRP enthusiasts can freely mint, trade, and sell their NFTs with ease.

How is our NFT marketplace different?

Innovation and giving back to the community are the core values of our XRPL NFT community. You can expect to see an innovative NFT marketplace where the community is empowered by being rewarded. We’re currently working on an innovative protocol that would allow us to further fuel our ideas of creating the greatest NFT digital economy.


XRPNFT is part of an NFT community ecosystem where our community is the majority stakeholder. We currently have multiple applications such as xrpl.to which are part of this ecosystem. Revenue from this ecosystem will be distributed within our community by our upcoming rewards protocol. We’re planning on implementing a governance system where our community members can vote on the implementation of ideas. Governance is a very important part of running a democratic community. We strive to get everyone participating in decisions on our projects to be able to reach the best possible outcome through discussions on proposals.


Wen Marketplace

Our marketplace is currently in early-stage development aiming to be ready on XLS-20 is released. Currently, the XLS-20d standard is currently in the XRPL development network being tested. Once testing of the XLS-20d standard is complete it will be forwarded to the main net. Where validators will vote on whether to implement the XLS-20 standard or deny it.


Very exciting times are ahead as our ecosystem starts being built. We look forward to creating meaningful products that the whole XRPL community can use. NFT Labs will be updating the community regularly on the progress of these XRPL applications as they’re being developed the code will be uploaded to their respective domains. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our NFT marketplace on XRP, please contact us at our email or join our Discord to chat with our awesome XRPL Community.