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What Is NFT Labs

What is NFT Labs

NFT LAbs is a community-driven project that creates regenerative art on the XRP ledger for the XRP army. The NFT Labs project was started during dark times in the XRP ledger. Xcows NFT IOU token had just rug its investors and we felt many projects were not providing fair treatment to investors and were simply a money grab. Our goal since day one has been to create the first actual community-driven NFT project on the XRP ledger and lead by our actions, not our marketing hype. We aim to mass-produce regenerative art and distribute it to our community token holders. NFT Labs team believes in doing so, the barrier of entry for other XRP ledger NFT projects is being raised, reducing scams. We have fully funded our project without selling any of our NFT IOU tokens to our community unlike other projects, we believe in what we’re building and the utility we’re providing for the XRP ecosystem.

Fractal NFT

Fractal is NFT Labs’ first NFT collection and the first abstract art-themed collection to arrive on the XRP ledger. Fractal artwork is created by using a complex algorithm that maps the Fractal dimension. There are a total of 10,000 unique NFT pieces, a curated selection of points from the Mandelbrot, generated with a numerical algorithm. Each work represents the neighborhood of one of our favorite points of the fractal, with a random zoom factor and colored with arbitrary gradients based on the number of iterations of the function f(z) = z^2 + c before the point diverges to infinity. Not all Fractals are created equal there many attributes that a Fractal can come with such as Zoom, Gradient, Dept, Name, and color.

Fractal The First NFT Utility Token On XRPL

Fractal utility comes from participating in random snapshots for NFT’s from our upcoming NFT collections that we create at NFT Labs. You can participate in NFT snapshots by holding Fractal. The date of the NFT snapshots is announced on our Discord. Currently, we have planned to create at least 7 different NFT collections for the holders of our utility NFT token Fractal, including Fractal NFT.

Fractal Collection (Genesis Airdrop Completed)
Trippy Apes Club (Airdrop Completed December 29th, 2021)
Fat Cats XRPL (Snapshot Scheduled January 22nd, 2022)

Project Goals

Our goal is to create a rich ecosystem of open-sourced software without any barriers of entry to any projects. Every project will be able to use every tool we create in a decentralized manner without the need of 3rd party authorization. NFT Labs will collaborate with other XRP ledger projects to create synergy between its products to achieve maximum network effect and promote the release of open-source software to the community. We’re a BIG believer in collaboration over competition that’s why everything we create in the lab will be open-source and used to further advance the XRP ledger ecosystem and NOT used to further monopolize our leverage over other projects. The goal of wanting our name on everything that is created on the XRP ledger is not one of NFT Labs core values. as that is simply centralization, reliance on one group of individuals and simply greed.

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